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1. You can config advance search for room in Traveler Settings > Room Settings. There are have Price Slider type for it.

2. Theme only display one month for calendar. Also you can try this code in Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to change the background color of available/unavailabe cell:

.single-hotel_room .calendar-content.fc-unthemed .btn-disabled,.single-hotel_room .datepicker table tr td.disabled.day {
    background-color: #af2626 !important;
.single-hotel_room .calendar-content.fc-unthemed .btn.btn-available, .single-hotel_room .datepicker table tr td.day {
    background-color: #abffbc !important;

3. We does not control the email booking of woocommerce. All of it are default.

4. Partner only receive email of post that they created.