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I agree, It is okay to let the customer to chat with business owner, but if that should be under Admin’s approval, and admin should be able to edit the content (to avoid suspicious chat). We have to avoid the customer to have direct contact with the business owner unless they have made a confirmed booking through admin’s website.
I see that in our website also the customer can see the email address of the business owner and phone and email address. I believe it should be hidden, and it would be nicer if the customer will get the email and phone number of business owner by instant email confirmation after they made the booking. It will protect Website’s owner commission. Otherwise we would be no more than just free advertiser for charity. 🙂
Well, to be honest I just bought the theme 2 days ago, and still exploring what are there. But meantime I have a problem, That I can not update the calendar availability of the products. Can Support team help me to solve it?

Many Tahnks