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Hello team.
Thanks for text color!

1)Ok yes i saw marker but what are the blue circles and why for example the blue circle that has “2” when click on it shows 1, same with 6 acyivities number if we click on 6 it shows only 1 activity?And where i have connected all these hotels and activities on my admin account?As you see it is working properly?

2)I saw invoice option but i suppose we can’t have invoice from each hotel management right?I mean all invoices should be from traveler company?If you check panel2 image lets say someone want to see more details a specific booking id like the room of hotel for example is there an option like this?

This panel we speak about is the partners panel right?
If someone is a subscriber or customer on site(whats the difference between subscriber and customer users btw?)does they also have a panel?

Im trying to understand how panels work exactly thanks for your patience in explaining!
Have a nice day Bryan!