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1. I’m not sure what url you want me to put in that developer link but all I know is that when you try and share tour, the post title etc don’t appear in share like in your demo:
Try yourself:
Your demo: http://travelerwp.com/tour/3-day-loire-mer-extraordinaire/

2. I switched to parent them and tried search “egypt” and it took 13secs for the results to drop down. This is exactly the same as with child theme. That’s too slow and also if you press enter it doesn’t go to a search results page so people think it just doesn’t work.

3. Can you advise which file to change to add alphabetical order by option to the drop down please?

4. The problem is not happening in tour results, it’s happening in the Location page. It has something to do with the widget (currently under location sidebar) when add additional filter lists.
See here:

5. Thank you for that. I will try it shortly. Can you also let me know how to ensure that if parent is clicked, that all sub-categories aren’t clicked as well? He would also like to know how to make filters option in sidebar closed not open as in not revealing filter until title is clicked.

Thanks again for looking into this..