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slowly i am getting it to work, i had to deactivate all plugins.. and then had to delete and reinstall some, not sure what you changed ..
would not even update plugins that needed updates

also the new version of WPML we now switched from Beta to Live..
and it says this

Your site can run faster

This version of WPML includes new settings that will help your site run faster. We recommend changing the following settings, which are all available in WPML->Theme and plugins localization:
Translate strings with ST and don’t load .mo files: Some themes and plugins have huge .mo files that take a long time to load. WPML already knows the strings in these files and loads only the necessary strings to display each page.
Assume that all texts in PHP strings are in English: Almost all themes and plugins have texts in English. Reducing the check for the string’s language simplifies and shortens the string translation process.

should we do this, or do we need to load your .mo files, we made many customizations to the .mo files