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2. When you work with child theme, your custom code (changed parent file) won’t lost. It will be save.

You can refer some of page bellow to get more information:

Tutorial Child Themes – What They Are, How to Use Them, and Why


3. TravelPayout form are default on code so there is no setting for it.

4. I have removed the text by this css code for you:

.bg-holder>.bg-holder-content h2.mb5,.bg-holder>.bg-holder-content p.text-bigger {
    display: none !important;

1. Yes it is. Partner must have their account for payment. They can add paypal account in their partner dashboard.

1b) You can not book hotel, just book hotel room so hotel does not have payment options.

1c) After create post (hotel, tour…), you can add that post to partner you want at Author section in bottom of page.

My image will show you more details.

Have a nice day.

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