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3. In order to create search tab, you need use ST Search element of some of ST Search type.

The way to work with poedit is:

a. Open language file (.po) in local and translate your words on it.
b. Upload to live site via FTP account.
c. When theme update, copy old language file (.po file you have translated) to language folder of new theme package then replace exist language file by your old language file (translated file).
d. Open it then update new words.
e. translate new word then upload to live site again.

1. I have changed post format standard effect on blog page for you.

2. IMAGE NOT IN use for the case when IMAGE IN does not have enough image to display. Theme will take the image of IMAGE NOT IN to display.

ex: your setting for that element is 8 columns and 4 row = 32 image but your image in IMAGE IN does not have 32 image, it will take more from IMAGE NOT IN to display.

The best way to set up this is count the total image following your setting (row/column) then upload in IMAGE IN and leave IMAGE NOT IN empty.