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Because you do not answer me since 2 days, I outline what I asked, since you have no time to support me

1. I asked if now I have to go update all locations on all tours, activites, rooms, cars, flights etc.. ? You did not answer that you cannot fix them, this is like doing the website all over from scratch. I assume I will have to do it, and will keep track of billable hours of work which someone will have to pay
2. also related to your them update the hotel and the hotel rooms gallery of photos no longer work… not sure what it is.. but you do not answer me
3. you reported for the room issue, we have to delete all rooms and start over because the existing rooms have bug and location cannot be changed. This is ridiculous. We should of never updated the theme until you had your bugs worked out. we just wanted a speed increase what we did not get, and we got more troubles. so you cannot fix the room issue, like you did the activities ? please let me know how to proceed.. we are now thinking about getting another theme and starting over because we have to start over anyway with your bugs

Also you disabled the plugin we purchased line-r , so your maps work, but the plugin is enabled on the fundurotour.de site and the maps work perfectly fine!

Your logic does not add up, please do not deactivate a plugin without my permission!

I am really not happy at anything now.