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1 – When will version 2.0.1 be released?
The calendar synchronization with other booking services is a key feature.
Prevents overbooking from partners..
It is so important that It should have been implemented in the first version of the theme.


2 – Add Extra Fee to Extra Guest. -> it’s obvious that you did not understand my request.
I know the theme allows you to specify the maximum number of guests. But he does it wrong. Wix.com or Booking.com or airbnb, adopt a different way to handle it all.

On booking you can indicate the maximum number of guests.
You can specify that the price per night must be valid only for 2 users.
it’s clear?

I explain: the structure contains maximum X people. But you can specify that the “standard” price should only be valid for Y people. So if I add more guests than Y, the extra price is applied.

Real situation: my structure contains up to 4 guests. Up to 2 guests, the price is the standard. However, if you book 4 people, the extra charge will apply.

Here are the fields that should be in the panel:
– Pricing
– Max Guests:
– Extra Price For Each Guest Over:
– Charge:

Real Example on Fields:
– Pricing: $ 80 / night
– Max Guests: 4 // the structure can contain up to 4 people
– Extra Price For Each Guest Over: 2 // After the second person, an extra is applied
– Charge: $ 10 // will be charged a $ 10 fee.

So if you book for 4 people for just one night this will be the result:
$ 80 + $ 10 + $ 10

So the first 2 people come in with the standard price. To understand what is indicated in (Pricing). After the second person, there will be a $ 10 fee for each other person.

Strange that this function is not already in your “theme”. is one thing they all have..booking, airbnb, etc etc …

Please respond to All Questions.