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Lihn wanted me to update you with what is outstanding.

1. The map problem i think was a wp-config file issue, not sure, when created new all the map and screen problems went away, but keep an eye on this issue, because earlier the map worked yesterday then had problems again

2. Hotel problem : Heres what we did, we created a new hotel (we use the clone plugin ) and hotel room in english then on hotel we duplicated using the box and duplicate button for the hotel in German we then edited the German hotel listing and selected location and updated we did the same with room and it does not show in DE (German) listings
but the other hotel in german and room shows.. and we don’t figure this out. http://beta.fundurotours.de/de/partner-hotel/

3. We have not had time to check, but earlier we had problems with saving locations for tours, cars (we renamed motos), rentals, like we did activities. You can try to update a german tour or moto, or rental to see if it saves now.

4. I created another thread on WPML speed options, I need to know the answer to that question, thanks

If any of the other issue crop back up, I will add a new reply. Thanks