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Hello Huannv,
Thank you very much for your reply.

I noticed that it is working for most cases.
Note: a test booking you made, and I made “complete”, still shows in the listings so this is GREAT!

However, please let me explain what I am NOT seeing (but saw in the previous hosting).

I have some Rentals, but these are available with prices after March 2018.
Please see attached image.
These rentals are located in the area… Luxury Villas in Crete –> Agios Nikolaos
The URL to here is … http://www.letstravelcrete.com/layout-search-result-rental-style-4/?location_id=7345
You will notice that these are not shown here.

Maybe the problem is some error that are happening. I asked my host and they said that the problem is not the hosting but some script.
Please see the attached error_log.

Thank you very much for your time with this!!!

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