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1. You can use ST List Rental Room and ST List of Rental to display rental and rental room in your page.

2. There are many reasons why a WordPress website is slow. Our faq will show you more information: http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/licenses-and-support/faqs/my-website-is-slow-what-can-i-do/

3. In our document, we show the element need to build page and layout for each service.

Please check: http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/theme-layout/layouts/

4. Unluckily, theme does not have seperate login/register page for different user account.

5. Partner dashboard display all needed info to create new post. In order to customize it, you have to change the code.

6. Our theme support WPML to using multi language and using Poedit to translate some special words on website:

Manual Translation

WPML Compatible

7. The hotel (accomodation) must have a room to display. If your hotel does not have any room, you can not see it in front end.

8. As i can see your page right now, the icons display fine in one row.