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ok. These are my questions:

1. I have problems trying to get my map to work. It does not refresh when I try to key in a location, eg. Singapore, and it does not appear on my page

2. How do i change the font size of the words, other than the h1, h2… settings

3. How do i make the words in the center without disruption to h1, currently it is <h1 style=”text-align: center;”>Chinatown Singapore</h1>, is it possible to remove the text align wordings?

4. My front end visual composer does not work

5. How come i cant change my cta colour? I tried to change to purple.
https://easytraveltransport.com/st_location/singapore/, under proposed itenary, it only shows the default grey

6. How do i make price of car and tours be’ from $…’? rather than just the price.

7. How do I use the responsive feature, all my display is messed up on other devices. Is there a documentation or video for me to see?

8. What is the differnece between adjusting border, margin and padding?

9. Where can i change the settings for links, i want to change the colour and make it flicker

10. Can i add contact form for locations?

11. How do i channge the submenu colour? Cos i cant see the words on it.

12. How do i customise booking form, to add different options, like different package to choose from.

13. And to the reply you just posted, can you show me how to do it, as there are afew I need to change.