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1. Oh the map seems to work now.

2. Why cant I see the fonts and the h1 h2 etc settings on my text block settings, it is hiding behind the screen.

3. I have inserted the contact form shortcode to Singapore location but it does not appear, please help me take a look.

4. Any idea when will the next version be out?

5. I see that there is this thing called form builder, I dont see that in my traveler settings, where can I find it?

6. The words alignment for the grey areas is out, both the sidebar and filter bar. Pls help me take a look at the tours page filter.

7. Is there any plugin out there you would recommend for booking form that can link to my prices if I create my own template with a price? As I am not able to charge my tours by people. I need a booking form that is customisable.