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1. So for the contact form, I cant have it as an element, it has to be in the tab for location?

2. Also, is there any plugin out there you would recommend for booking form that can link to my prices if I create my own template with a price? As I am not able to charge my tours by people. I need a booking form that is customisable.

3. I see that there is this thing called form builder, http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/other-feature/form-buider-for-checkout/
I dont see that in my traveler settings, where can I find it?

4. Is there any way of not pricing by adults for this theme?

5. Can the prices for tour show the price for extra service rather than for adults?

6. Is it possible to limit the number of adults to 1 person only.

7. Does this theme support deposit payment?