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Hello marogiannis,
I am checking your site.

1. That is not a bug. That is our way of doing it. about your issue, i think that it needs to customize. Disable the function that validate by date.

2. That email only is sent when have a new member. It is not sent automatically.

3. ‘pending: When you click ‘Book Now’ on checkout page, the status is ‘pending’. When the order is complete (with submit form), it is ‘incomplete’. When admin approved the order, it is ‘completed’

4. I saw this code in your child-theme:

.mb20 h2 {
    display: none;

so ‘Year’ text is hide. You can recheck.
And about change month from number to word, the theme do not support. If you are a DEV, you can see my attchment and customize.

5. i will use your cpanel account and check. I wil reply for you when found the problem.

Hai Nguyen

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