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    Dear, help me figure it out ..

    These social icons are yours? or third-party plugin ..

    Help clean





    That icons are third-party plugin. You can deactivate your plugin to check.

    Thank you.


    I can not determine what kind of plugin ..

    I did not install these ..

    Help him identify



    Please check with your team member if you have. It is not possible the plugin is installed in your site.



    I appreciate your knowledge, and I ask you to help sort out ..

    I looked through all the plugins, no extras have been installed, but some infection has been registered on my website and these buttons look ugly on your topic ..

    Please help and point out the plugin ..

    And yet, this activity is not being edited, social buttons can not be shared there ..




    If you think your site has infected, you should contact your hosting provider to help you check it.



    Yes, it seems to be not infected, but the topic is not displayed correctly

    How to remove these fields?



    Please provide an admin account so i can help you check it.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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