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    1) How can I translate Email Partner and Email Optiopns from Theme settings?
    For translation I use Loco translate. Use “get_locale” function in partner.php file. Find that those lines are translatable, but e. g. loco translate cannot find them.
    2) In the profile of Partner User in Overview I have Google Maps although in the whole Theme I use MapBox. Screenshot attached. How can I switch from google maps here to MapBox?

    Please, support. Thank you in advance. For further information, please, contact.

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    1. You can edit the email template directly in Traveler Settings > Email Templates section.

    2. Google does not provide free map api system anymore. You have to purchase your own license to use for your site:


    Also please enable all service options for the key to make the map working normal.


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    Please, read my questions.
    1) This is the point. I don’t want to edit, I want to translate in order to have the second language. I know how to edit. How can I translate in Traveler Settings > Email Templates section and have versions in two different languages?

    2) I don’t need Google Maps. My questoin was about Mapbox. Everywhere on my site I have Mapbox, I want to have it also in the Partner User Dashboard.



    1. Yes, each theme option can be edit for that language separate.

    2. You can go to Traveler Settings > Other Options section and turn off Google Map to enable Mapbox to use for your site.




    Please give me accurate answers instaed of loosing time. If you don’t know just tell We DONT’T know.

    1) Very well. How? Example: I want to have trasnlated in Russian Email Template from Theme Settings – EMail Templates – Email for Partner. Please, write me exact steps which I should follow to do it. For translation I use WP Multilang and Loco Translate, but I can translate it in the code, but I can’t find the path to it.
    Tell me what is the path in the code to these templates.

    2) That is the point. you are not reading ny questions. Google maps are disabled. Mapbox is enabled, but in the partner dashboard I still see Google maps instead of MapBox, everywhere else I have Mapbox. What should I do to have Mapbox in the Partner’s Dashboard?

    Thank you for the support.



    1. Please check the message replied carefully. If you use WPML plugin to make the site in multi language, each language will have separate email template in theme setting section. Please witch to each language to change the email template to your language.

    2. We will update the mapbox for partner dashboard soon.


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