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    First I want to thank you for your experienced professional help, it does help with my previous question, now I keep speeding up learning and build the website, there still some problem needs to be solved, and please help.

    I have asked visual composer support team as you told me in reply
    “It seems you did not install or activate Visual composer plugin.

    Please check again.


    Here is their answer from their support team and I’m a little bit confused, please help me,
    “The ST plugin is not our product. It is most likely an independent plugin or is added by the theme. All our standard elements have vc_ as a prefix while the one’s on the page at your end have st_ prefix.”

    I have changed the password again and please help me check follow problem:

    1. The search result(hotel, tour, and activity) doesn’t work, I have already put information onto the website. It always stays loading.
    2. If there’s still any plugin, I don’t download or active so cause the theme doesn’t work well; please tell me.
    3. Does the map plugin support to keywords auto tag? If not, is there any different plugin recommended consider my situation?
    4. How to integrated search bar and affiliate together?

    Thanks for your kindly help, I want to publish this website with a good theme in Asia as soon as possible. The profession help will be a crucial point, appreciate for your understanding.

    best regards,
    Nicholas Wu



    I can not access your admin panel with your credentails so i guess:

    1. Please use Post Name type for Settings > Permalinks to make theme work property.

    2.3. We does not provide any map plugin.

    4. Do you mean the search bar of Booking.com and our Search tab? Please description more details so i can help you check better.


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    Hey Bryan,

    Problems still not solved sorry still need your help:

    1.Using iPhone with chrome still, can’t see the plugin only shown codes instead.
    2.Backend editor will easily cause the error. and preview will induct to 404 page(permalink setting changed to post names already)
    3.Search tour and activities always stay on loading with no map even though I put information inside and geo API complete setting.
    4.Is there a way to show activity post content instead of excerpt?

    Thanks for your consideration and help,

    Nicholas Wu



    I can see you are using a lot of plugins (72 plugins). May be one of them make conflic with our theme functions.

    Please deactivate your plugins one by one then check again.



    Hi Bryan,

    I have deactivated lots of plugins, only important left.

    Backend edit speed seems great now, thank you.

    Still, some problems need to be solved.
    1.Using iPhone with chrome, can’t see the plugin only shown codes instead.Using Chrome on the laptop, some text will squeeze together.
    2.Search tour and activities always stay on loading with no map even though I put information inside and geo API complete setting.

    thank you for help,

    Nicholas Wu



    Please deactivate all 3rd plugin that theme does not require to check. If the problem come from your plugin, you should contact plugin author to get help.

    ALso your admin account is no longer work anymore. I can not access the admin panel to help you check it.

    Please check again.



    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry for inconvenient, I have checked myself, login information is correct. please check again.
    I could login myself.

    You’re right, it’s because my map plugin cause map always stays loading status, thanks a lot.

    Cause now it’s only the phase 1, still need to do a lot improvement, so I still need your instruction, thank you!!!


    Nicholas Wu



    It seem there is no any shortcode in your homepage when view on mobile device.

    It display well.

    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.



    Hi Bryan,

    I read lots of the tutorial on the website, it is helpful, thanks,

    Here are two small problems need your help:
    1. Is there any way to change the situation of the attached file? There seems no place to change the setting.

    2. Through the link: https://travelerwp.com/tour/ligula-ultricies/
    Where to select this layout as my tour page?

    3. If I need reload template again(Default layout), is there a better way keep my post now?

    Thanks for your help. =)

    Nicholas Wu

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    1. There is no setting to disable error message of a website in console tab. If it make no conflic with theme function and you still use your site normal, just leave it.

    2. Our video bellow will help you build that layout:

    3. You can try WP All Export plugin to export your data and use WP All Import plugin to import it again.

    Hope this can help.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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