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    1. The alignment for my st search is also not right. Please help me fix.

    2. How to make full width for my slider?
    And how come when i click on the Singapore slider, they say no tours for singapore, but i have that taxanomy? How does the location slider work, Im a little confused.


    4. How do i update the theme? If i update will all the alignment mess up again?

    Follow up from public ticket #1232397.Thanks.


    Also, why cant i edit using the front end visual composer, my page takes forever to load.


    For the single tours, can i put the price as ‘from $…’ rather than ‘$…’



    1. Your homepage is only search result page. It look weird.

    2. Your can follow our document for more detail of update theme/plugins

    Update Theme & Plugins

    3. In order to add more From word, you need change php code.

    Thank you.


    1. Sorry the full width slider is this page. Please help me check why the full width cant be displayed.


    2. Can you help me change the php code to include ‘from $…’



    3. For the attractions, can i get rid of the pricing feature?



    I have changed it for you to full width.

    Please check.


    3. For location, How do i create multiple child tabs under a tab, eg. under info(parent tab) i want highlights and itenary to appear, and also how come my map cant appear, please take a look.

    4. How come i cant edit visual builder on front end?



    Yup the slider looks good now. How about the php settings, is there a way to help me change the price settings to ‘from $’?


    Sorry i think i didnt save changes for slider, can you help me make the changes to full width again and share with me how you make it.


    Also, how come when i change to mobile mode, all the alignment goes out of place. Can you help me solve it.


    Why are the words overlapping under why choose our services, I thought you have already fixed the overlapping issue. Looks like it is still there. Can you please help me settle it once and for all.




    How do i create a full width image, the height is similar to a slider, not a gallery kind


    I think the alignment is wrong for all the pages. Even for about us page, as long as i type in words, the alignment goes wrng.

    About Us

    Please help me solve the alignmet issues. It is very fustrating. Thnks.


    For the font size of the words, how do i change them? Other than setting by h1,h2 etc?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 175 total)

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