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    Did you try install in other fresh server (not in current server) or even in localhost? Because your theme seems losing all style.

    This is so strange.



    Also i have changed the header for you again.

    Please check.




    I did not install them elsewhere. Please help me resolve the issues. It is affecting my work.


    I did install it in local host previously. But then i redownload and installed the theme on this site.


    I am waiting the display result on your new localhost.

    Has it displayed well with all style?



    I am not using local host already. I think the font on the local host is also screwed up cause i cloned the live site onto the local host.



    I mean install theme on new fresh host to check the layout because this is first time i see this problem on your site that display wrong all layout/elements style.

    It like missed all css file.

    Thank for your understanding.



    Lcal host shd look fine.


    I used filezilla to install the theme on the live site as i had problems installing the theme normally.





    I do not see you asking anything more so I think you are installing and checking the server information you are using.

    If you install theme on local host and it work well, you need contact your hosting provider to check or change to other server to make theme working well.

    After that, you no need to fix anything. Just select exist settings you want for theme and use it.



    ok i will check with them and let you know again.


    The pages cant be displayed on the local host? It shows a 404 error.


    And how come my frontend visual composer does not work?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 175 total)

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