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    After installed theme/plugins, please go to Settings > Permalinks > select Post Name for permalink type then import demo data to check all layout/style.



    Hi this is the hosting company reply regarding the misalignment:

    Upon checking the issue we could find that the issue is related with the style sheet. We have tried to increase the below value from the browser console, the words are displaying properly.
    body {
    line-height: 2px;

    The issue is related to coding of your theme CSS files. Please contact your theme vendor and check the above code and do the necessary changes in the code. Before changing the code, you need to take a backup from your end.

    I have done the backup, can you please do the necessary changes.

    Thank you.



    I think that css code is not enought but if it work, you can add that css code to Traveler Settings > Styling Options > Custom Css to apply it.

    Don’t worry, all your data and setting will be save when you only change a lilte custom css.



    Hi this is the hosting company reply:

    We have checked and could only find the reason that we have mentioned already.
    The issue is related to coding of your theme CSS files, we have temporarily changed the coding in browser console and it got worked. Please see the attached screenshot.


    The issue seems to be with the line-height parameter on the coding of your theme CSS files.


    Can you do something about it.



    Does the code from your hosting for line height work as you want?

    When you install theme on local, it still work well so it can not be from css code of theme.



    ok i have some questions for location settings:
    1. How come my map does not load when I try to key in the location, eg. Singapore, and it does not appear on my page
    3. How do i change the font size of the words, other than the h1, h2… settings
    4. How do i make the words in the center without disruption to h1, <h1 style=”text-align: center;”>Chinatown Singapore</h1>



    5. And how come my front end visual composer does not work?


    6. And how come i cant change my cta colour? I tried to change to purple.




    And how do i make price of car be’ from…’? rather than just the price.


    And how do I use the responsive feature, all my display is messed up on other devices. Is there a documentation or video for me to see, tks.


    what is the diffrernece between adjusting border, margin and padding?
    Ad betwwen row and column settings?


    And how to put title in center


    where can i change the settings for links, i want to change the colour.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 175 total)

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