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    I have developed a page in Norwegian based on the traveler theme, and used WPML to make a translated version in english.

    When everything was in place and almost done, the hotels dident show in the english version. Then suddenly activities and tours dident show eighter… Have now used 2 days to try fixing it, installing the theme again etc.

    Now I got almost everything in place, but there is alot of errors and bugs in this theme.
    1. Now all hotels that I post shows in english/norwegian version. Just some..
    2. Search in left sidebar dont work on any of the pages activities, hotels or tours. (front page search does work)
    3. Taxanomy filtering dont work.
    4. In hotel when you check for rooms it just keeps on loading
    5. Footer dont get transleted, even tho I have made a translated one and chosen it on every page.
    6. The page is extremely sloooooow.
    7. Mailchimp plugin dont work.

    Can someone please look over this page asap http://228916-www.web.tornado-node.net/?lang=en? Is there a fix to all these bugs? Or do I have to use another theme for my project and start from scratch?

    This is the second support ticket I write without any answears.


    Hello After translate any service type, please go to Traveler Settings > Sync Availability and Upgrade Data to update database structure to make theme work properly.

    5. After translate, please set it up in traveler setting section in your translated language.

    6. Our document bellow will show more details of slow loading:

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?

    7. Please description more details of the problem so i can help better.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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