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    Hi i have a questions you said that the cars transfer work between hotel and hotel but it realy necesary to set the location of the airpport because in my web site i dont still manager any flight booking service and when i want to create the car transfer that only work between hotels is not posible Im rigth?



    You can set transfer from hotel to hotel or hotel to Air port as you want.

    Please check my image for more details.


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    Let me see if i understand well for example in my web site i pretending to manager taxis for make transfers between destinations with the transfer service that you provided is possible to do this and this work like this
    For example i have for main locations in my web site i don have any airport or fligth services All the accommodations hotels in this case there are distributed between this locations of i want to create a cars trasnfer of one destination to other i need to select one hotel in the source location and other in the destination locations its that rigth
    So for this way i say that the client book one transportation from the hotel XXXXX to the hotel XXXXX This means that i need to create a transfer for any hotel located in one destinations to the other one in the other destination. Its that rigth
    Soo if don posible only select for the transfer location for example the guest select that he want go to one location to other. and only show the location for select.


    Good morning.

    Yes it is. You need create car transfer for each hotel to hotel.


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    With this current theme version, user only can select location that admin set up in dashboard.

    We will check and consider to update this feature for car transfer in next version or later.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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