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    I want to use the currency in each of the tours separately. Turkish Lira in some, EURO and USD in some. However, only one can be used. Whatever currency I have chosen as primary, it applies to all rounds. How do I ensure this diversity?



    Yes you can use only one currency for service at the same time.



    Hi Bryan,
    This application is the problem in my country. Because currency units are falling or rising hourly. I will publish thousands of tours on my site. Tours in 2 different categories as domestic and international tours. The domestic ones are sold in Turkish Lira. International tours are sold in Euros. I must be able to use both on my site at the same time. It is a mistake to keep up with the updates when price revisions arrive or when currency units change. If I enter all of them in Turkish Lira, how will I determine the price of tours in Euros. Will the Euro tours be calculated and translated into Turkish Lira each time by hand? This is not possible. I request your help. Thanks.



    You can add many currency in Traveler Settings > Booking Options section you want to use in your site.

    Don’t forget set exchange rate for your each currency with primary currency.



    I’m adding currency. But he’s running all the tours in the primary currency I showed him. You do not have the option to select a currency in the tour price description field. The first currency applies to all rounds whatever it is. Can’t I open one tour in Euros and another tour in Turkish Lira? And I want to publish whichever currency I have chosen. Can you add currency option to tour and hotel pricing area? Your answers are too short and not solution-oriented.I want to use 3 different currencies on my site. dollar, euro, TL. I will use them in all rounds at the same time.



    You can change the currency in the topbar section.




    I’m telling you I’m going to enter a separate currency for each round. Why don’t you give me a detailed answer? When you do this, he makes the same currency. I would like to enter one round euro, the other round as dolars.


    are you kidding me? I want to enter the currency you want when entering the price in the theme. The method you call only changes the impression on the site. Please read my understanding and please don’t steal my time. :@



    Unfortunately, theme is not provide the function to allow you enter the currency to get price.

    There are have only one currency change at the topbar section for you.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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