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    We are trying to make the search form on homepage working.. but it always goes to blog default page.

    I checked the tutorials here..

    Activity Search Result

    and followed to create the search result page as well for activity and setup as well in theme options but it still not working.

    I m also comparing the options i see here
    VS options I see on my site as attachment they are different and very less on my site.

    Can u also guide me on this issues how to resolve ?

    You will be required to login to view website as we have coming soon plugin.

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    If you check tours and activity both search tabs goes to search result of blog page..



    The search function is working well now in your site.

    Please kindly check it again.



    wow it works fine now.. can you tell me how did it fixed i spent almost 3-5 hours but could not solve that. so want to know my mistake.


    Can you tell me where do I add the activity type from ? as I do not see any option for that and search bar that showing more options shows blank area because of that.

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    I just changed permalink type to Post Name type to make it work.

    Also that section is only allow to display attributes in activity_types.

    Please check your attribute again.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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