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    Hi, here is the following questions we have:
    we have received first impressions from testing partners, that the “tour edit” pages are not quite “on a level” and are prepared for general use – we would like to prepare our specific forms for editing tours, that would be used by our partners… Is this possible? Is it possible to prepare specific form pages, that would record/read data from the same fields as current tour edit page is doing?



    It seem you want to build some specific form for the partner dashboard when they create tour.

    If it is, you have to change a lot of code in order to get that.



    The idea is, to “adapt” or maybe also simplify inserting information for our partners – even if using the same fields.
    Would this be possible – even if like you say “a lot of coding would be needed”? How to approach this?
    Can we do this on our side? Or can we prepare template/special page with all the needed fields (that would be, like said, the same as now, but maybe in different procedure)

    Thanks for your replies



    According to envato’s policy, we do not accept custom code anymore. You can hire a freelancer to get help this case.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Aditional question:
    How is it possible to show the whole ST TOUR EXCERPT text, if it is longer than those few sentences (mostly my customers have LONG tour descriptions… (beside tour program)
    How to include those???



    We just limit the excerpt text in 100 words. Please send a screenshot of the place that you want to display more text so i can help you check it.



    Ok, we used another template and now it is OK

    Additional Q: we would like to present the newest tours inside the “ST list tour” object
    If we use “Order by ID” –> “Desc” … it does not work… no other filter used (only “Number tour” is set to 3)

    What to use then??



    If you want to sort your list tour by newest, you can use Order By Date and DESC option.



    Are you sure, this is working? I have several cases, where it is not. working…

    If you check our provided web page, first/main page, there you will find the element, which is showing a tour, that was published 24/11/2017, even if we added many additional ones in the meantime…




    That seem like an error of order by feature. Visual Composer does not generate new query of new filter option so the result still the same.

    We will check it again and update it right away.

    Thank for your information.



    Please send me the appropriate files, so I will be able to change it…




    I have quick fixed the problem for you for list tour order.

    You can check your 3 lists on frontend again.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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