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    Hi ShineTheme,

    I just bought your theme, but I want to change the default layout of the (tour) pages, e.g. this page: https://jovutravelvietnam.com/st_tour/10-days-of-vacation-in-florence-resorts-2/

    In the dasboard I went to layouts-tab, but this tab is completely empty. I can add a layout and rebuild the default layout, but that is very inconvenient. Also, for test purposes I have created a new layout of type ‘Tour Single’, but then when I add/edit a tour I am unable to select this newly created layout.

    How do I deal with this, in other words how can I edit the default tour layout pages?


    Hello Client,

    Current time, in the modern layout. We do not support use Element in any services. It is fixed.
    We have one or more the layout for each service.

    We only support build layout in Page.




    Unluckily, the new modern layout does not allow to build custom service layout anymore. You can only select 3 fixed layouts for your service form the list.




    That actually sucks. I have been doing research before buying your theme and I am sure this was possible before. There is text and video documentation explaining how to create custom layouts, I don’t understand you took this possibility out. Is there a possibility to cancel my order and get a refund? Because as the service layout cannot be changed this theme becomes useless for me.





    The new modern theme is a fixed version so the build page layout is limited. if you want to build custom page layout for service, you can switch to Classic layout to do it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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