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    How can I customize the Add new activity form so that for end users it is easier and quicker to add activity ?

    In details for location settings:
    – Where do I setup locations ?
    – Where can I can replace the “Adress” by “Type your adress” of location input ?
    – how does the Properties nearby work ?
    – can I force the street view on ?

    For general ettings :
    – where can I add images for attractions ?
    – where can I force activity layout so that end users do not have to choose ?
    – how does the Select contact info field work ?

    Many thanks,



    Our document will show you all settings info:


    And the place to create new location:


    This document will show you the way to build activity single layout:

    Activity Single



    Thanks Bryan but it does not answer my question.

    I mean I don’t want the user to choose a layout for his activity.It will be number 1 for everyone.

    How can I do ?




    In this case, you should remove all other activity layout but keep only your layout. Then go to Traveler Settings > Activity Options > Select layout to show single activity.

    Normaly, if partner does not select layout when creating activity, theme will use the layout you set in theme option to apply.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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