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    As I wrap up the final design of the Traveler site I’m building, my client asked if I could add a slider with text to the homepage in place of the static background graphic. I tried adding a nice WP slider that I had used before to a VC row as a short code and although it looked like it was working (including a proper overlay and display of “ST Simple Location” element), I noticed it was creating some layering and other formatting issues with the menu drop downs and fonts as well as a few responsive problems on some mobile devices. My assumption is that it’s throwing a bunch of conflicting CSS at the existing page formatting. You can see what it looks like at the following link

    Dong Hoi

    My question to you is do you have any suggestions for a suitable VC slider element that would function like this one but not be disruptive to the existing VC or page formatting? I have seen some VC add-ons for sale but I would like your recommendation if possible before I purchase anything. I’m not asking you to help me fix this issue as it goes beyond the scope of your terrific support.



    I did not see anything in your Dong Hoi location.

    As i can check your homepage, you are using a kind of slider named WD slider and it seems working well.

    One of famous slider plugin is Revolution Slider. You can try it to build your slider.



    It almost works perfectly but it does not allow the language drop down to display and it changed the font on the menu tabs. I just picked up the Ultimate VC Add-on pack which has a number of slider options that looked pretty complete. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    Thanks again Bryan.


    I just did an experiment to verify the menu drop down function and they work OK with my original slider but the language switcher still does not. In the end I will probably eliminate it from the menu bar if I can’t get it working as I still have the language selector at the top. I’m still having an issue with the font on the menu bar when using that original slider. Do you have more magic CSS coding I could use to override the font that I believe the slider is causing? I’m attaching two images showing the correct and incorrect font in the menu. The incorrect font is only displaying on the page with the slider.

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    The problem is you did not translate your page to Vietnamese language so there is no language to dropdown.

    I did it for you and now it working well:

    Home – alternate design

    Also i can not see the different about Font on your page with the correct font image you gave.



    Thanks for the quick fix on the language switcher. Since this was only a prototype I did not see a need to translate it. Look at the font now and you will see the difference I was trying to point out. Also, the price on the tours on THIS page has gone grey again. On the current home page it is white as was changed by the CSS you gave me.



    WPML support you using multi language for your site but each language work as single site.

    You should config your other language like other language. All custom css code i gave you should post in Theme Settings > Custom Css section for both language.

    Our document will show you more details:

    How to use Multilanguage in theme options



    I was aware of the need to keep both sides updated in sync. I transferred all the custom CSS over to the VN options. Thanks again.

    As far as adding a slider is concerned, I’m going to keep experimenting until I find the perfect solution.

    Thanks again Bryan for all your help.


    Good morning.

    I hope you’re happy with it.

    Your satisfaction is our pleasure – Please vote and send your comments to us if you happy with our products and support.

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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