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    Hi, I followed this video https://youtu.be/VUamou43WZg and this is great video! I have 2 questions
    1 – how add newly created form (following the video above) as a search tab.
    2 – is it possible to adjust search tabs? In hotel search tabs I would like to move check in/check out to advacne search.
    Best regars



    That video is help customer know the way to set custom search field via element for map header.

    If you use normal header layout (no map), you can refer our document to set up the search field for each service type:

    Search Options



    Thank you very much. It is working! I have one more questins. I try to create all post type searching. I followed Search All services on site on: http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/docs/theme-settings/search-options/
    But I cannot find: ST All post type result – new check in the Select page result field. Without this it is not working.


    You can follow our document bellow to set up search result page for all service:

    Search Options

    and my image to build search result page template.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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