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    All of my settings suddenly reverted back to the defaults!
    Can you give an explation of why this happening?
    This is a very seriuos bug, please reply me as soon as possible.
    Thank you.


    UPDATE: I noticed that it happens just after I installed WPML and the string translation plugin: in fact, after turning both of them off, my settings are back.
    Why this happens? I need WPML. Please help. Thank you.


    After further investigations, I found that the settings seems to be still in the database (in the “wp_options” table, in a record with the field “option_name” setted to “option_tree”) but for some reason the theme cannot read or recognize it anymore with WPML (version 3.9.3) activated. So the problem seems to be releated with the “OptionTree” plugin your theme use. Please give me some advices on how to solve this problem as soon as possibile.


    Can you give me an answer, please? This is very serious and urgent.
    Thank you.


    Please, help me



    If you use WPML to make your site in multi language, you should config the theme option (in second language) as the main language in second language.

    Our document will show you more details:

    How to use Multilanguage in theme options



    ok: I’ve verified that switching language with WPML in the backend brings back all of my settings.
    But does this means I must configure the theme independently for each language I need?
    Is there a way to copy all the configurations without having to set them each time by hand?
    Thank you.



    Yes it is. You must config all settings for each language.

    WPML only help you quick duplicate a post to section language but it does not automatic duplicate page, setting, layout…to other language.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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