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    Hello, Support Team

    About Availability table

    I want to know the meaning of the values in the Check_in Check_out?
    As shown in the picture attached.

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    I do not clear your point in this question.

    It just the time you book and the time you leave.



    Hello, Support Team

    I’ve added the availability calendar 27/09/2017 but the value in the database is 1506729600.
    I would like to know the value in the check-in check-out that it is derived from anything.

    Thank you.



    All the data valule in database is encrypted.

    You can not see it by normal.



    Hello, I need to be able to upload and download availability per day. My partner sells for other brands and they need to individually lower the availability of each day. How can I do? thank you very much.



    You can use Ical to import new data to available calendar.

    Our document will show you more details:

    Ical Synchronize



    I have seen that you can load the prices from ical, with the google calendar. But I can not find the way to cancel the availability per day. Ex. Cago by default 5 rooms, the partner sold by another channel 2. You need to unsubscribe those 2 and that are in stock 3 nights. How can I solve it? Thank you.



    You can check the remain hotel room of your hotel in Inventory tab.

    Inventory for Hotel


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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