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    Dear Bryan
    I write you because i have the problem whit the cars transfer you will see i already have created the cars transfer shared Taxis with diferents paths one of then its for example from Hostal Capdevila localted in Trinidad to the Hostal Do;a Juana located in Habana. I set the journey of the same way just i mark the return option. The problem is when i press the book button like the origin of the travel its From Trinidad to havana works weel but when i make the new search press the option search search and press then the button Book Now show me the sistem the error of Destination is invalid and this cars have already created
    This is a bug or what can you fix it I think that you need take a look really carefully to the transfer modules because have a lot of problem



    When i check your car, you have not selected location for your car.

    You can check it again here: https://www.itraveltocuba.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2296&action=edit



    Dear Bryan i already set this locations for the car but still show me the same error if i try to book the travel in the return way for example if i try to book de transfer casa familia escobar – casa Doña Juana work all fine but when i try to book the transfer Casa Doña Juana’casa familia escobar find me the car but the book show me the error that the destination is invalid.
    When i created the transfer i set this journey and select the option return.
    Let me ask you something the options returns dont means that the transfer work in the both way can you please explain me how this work



    That because when you select location for car, you does not select Havana location for it that hotel Hostal Doña Juana stays. So the car is not available in Havana location to start.

    Please check again.

    Also do not remember create journey start from Hostal Doña Juana.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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