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    Hello there;

    I installed Style 1 mix services. I have problems like the following.

    1- I can’t get hotels through Booking.com with agoda.com. When I set up, only 10-15 hotels had arrived. But these hotels are not up to date prices. I need to actively capture information. How do I integrate the system? Can I withdraw information from other sites like this? What should I do about it?

    2- Hotel, tour and vehicle search page does not work. I’ve added a few hotels with the tour. But the calls won’t come out again. It just says “location.” Even the window won’t open. What I add to the top menu area is partially visible.

    3- I couldn’t remove the gray square behind my screen on the home page and there was NO THERE! he is writing. I want to remove that too. I want to use this space as a showcase and create a slideshow of my campaign tours. Is it possible? I want to come to the forefront of hotels and tours I want to showcase both home page and how can I get?

    4- Unfortunately, there is no Turkish language support. How can we integrate? I’m doing my job in Turkey.

    5- Payment “Master, Visa Card” and so on. How do I connect?

    6- When I say buy a tour, a blank screen appears and the transaction cannot be performed. Hotel purchases can be processed.

    7- I want to create partner names. Because every supplier of my product will be different. This is essential for me to keep track of sales and to see which supplier belongs to which supplier.

    8- Is there no option to add price per person, single price, extra price and publish with hotel names? The prices of tours vary according to hotels and customers should be able to see the names of these hotels.

    9- As per my site project, I would like to give POINTS to the membership accounts of the bookers in a percentage rate that I set automatically. They will be able to use their points for their next booking with the points accumulated in their accounts, and even if they have many points and the tour coincides with the hotel price, they can buy a free tour or hotel. Can we integrate this

    10 in Turkey “visas” and “visa-free” There are tour options. We should mention this on the tours. But I don’t have a feature field to specify.

    11- I want to manually identify the areas that will come forward in the tours. For example; There are colored areas on the top right in tour layout style. Unfortunately, these options did not appear in the tours I added. I would like to write all of the prominent “Duration – Tour Type – Group Size – Languages” fields beneath the tour picture in this style. And I want to multiply those areas that will come forward. Of course, all of them must be in Turkish.

    12- When booking, there should be a “buy” button along with a “ask” button. Some tours and hotels cannot be booked online because they are “final rooms”.



    help me


    Why can’t I get support service? You answered all of them after me. I want to get the service of something I pay. Please return to urgent. There are many errors in your program. Even during installation it says ss style file is missing.



    Your ticket have too many questions so we need time to check it all then answer you.

    In order to get quick response, you should split each point to a new ticket so our team can check and help you quickly.




    1. Unluckily, theme does not supported API booking system in modern theme layout yet. We will update it soon.

    2. Please edit your tour, hotel room…and set up price on calendar available to make it display on search result page.

    Tour Availability

    3. What is gray square that you are mentioning? please provide an images so i can help better.

    4. You can select language for your site in Settings > General > Site Language.

    You can use Poedit to translate special text of theme:


    5. In new theme version, we has split payment gateway to use so you need install and activate payment gateway plugin as our document bellow:

    Payment Methods

    In this case, you can use Stripe gateway as well.

    6. You need set up checkout page and set up payment gateway to book service.


    7. Theme is only work with 3 user type: Customer, Admin and Partner. You can not use other user type with theme.

    8. The hotel price unit is not count by people. It is working with Night unit.

    9. Unluckily, theme is not allow customer select the price amount need to pay.

    10. What kind of that feature?

    11. The new modern layout is not allow to build custom tour layout. You have to edit the code to change it.

    12. Our new theme provide the booking enquiry function that customer can send a submit email to partner for the booking.


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    3-I cannot add a picture to the background. She is standing in the field empty gray color. There is also written on it. I want to remove them. and I want to add new pictures by myself. tex: HE THERE!

    10- who went abroad with tours in Turkey are required to obtain a visa in the majority of the tour. I need to mention this on the tour. some tours do not have a visa. A visa is a document issued by the government in order to enable Turkish citizens to go abroad. I share a screenshot of this feature, published in the supplement company in Turkey in the second image.”NO VISA”

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    I think there are drawbacks because there was an STYLE CSS.STİL loading the theme. I cannot make these settings. Error during installation. How do I resolve this error? I copied a link to the code myself. This time the installation was successful, but it gave errors in demo downloads and did not load many demo files. How do I install directly without error?


    1. Unluckily, theme does not supported API booking system in modern theme layout yet. We will update it soon.

    When does Booking.com connect? How long does this take? we are waiting?



    1. The new modern layout does not supported booking.com yet. We will update it soon.

    3. Please edit the page and edit Search Form element to change the gray background image.

    10. I have noticed our team to check and update this feature for you. It will be available on next version.


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