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    1. When someone tries to register as a simple user never gets an email confirmation for being  registered. Also we don’t get an email for telling us that a user got registered.
    2. The same happens when someone tries to register as a partner. He never gets an email confirmation for being  registered (Pic 1). Also we don’t get an email for telling us that someone wants to become a partner and he got registered.
    3. The process goes normally after the registration is done (Pic 2,3).
    4. Also everything runs smoothly as we upgrade his status to a “Partner” (Pic 5, 6)
    5. Then the problem start when he has to upgrade or choose the “Free Plan”. The “Free Plan” option doesn’t work (Pic 7).
    6. If someone decides to upgrade to another package then this option also doesn’t work (Pic 8, 9).
    7. If he tries to sign out it also doesn’t work (Pic 10, 11)
    8. When we upgraded the status of the user to partner then an email should notify the user for his change of status, which there is none.
    9. Also if you fix the bug with the packages an email should also confirm the package change either it is free or payed.
    10.   And at last one question. How can we remove or add different icons for accepted credit cards on the footer (Pic 12).

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    Hello We are recommend using SMTP system to sending emails that theme provided.

    3. Yes there are have no redirect function after registered.
    4. After registered account, the default user rule is Subscriber. You need approve partner account to change status to partner rule.
    5. This feature has been fixed in new version 2.7.4. Please update your system to fix it.
    6. Partner can only select the package that have higher price than current package to upgrade.
    7. He need hover/click on the username on topbar to see the sign out option.

    10. You can edit the footer.php and footer1.php file in this folder traveler\st_templates\layouts\modern\common​ to change to other image.



    The problems i sent you with the registrations for a partner are still existing.

    I registered as partner on the web site (Pic 1).
    I upgraded the user from subscriber to a partner (Pic 2,3,4)
    I think the “Free Plan” should be automatically accepted.
    When i tried to choose one plan so i can upgrade (Pic 4,5) the payed plan “VIP” doesn’t work at all.
    If i choose one of the free of charge plans again they don’t work (Pic 5,6,7)
    When i try to logout again i can’t do it (Pic 7,8)
    Of course i have updated the system to your last update but nothing happened (Pic 9)
    Please subscribe yourself and test it out to see for yourself that these problems do exist.

    You have the user name and the password and you can tryied. It will only take 2 minutes to test it.

    Thank you.

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    Please do not call bug before getting confirm from us about the theme features.

    With your all question:

    1. User after registered as Partner, He need wait the approve from the admin to update the user type to Partner. If you do not want manual approve, you can turn on AUto Approval feature in Partner Options section.

    2. Your partner has not purchased any membership package: http://prntscr.com/og66ye

    3. The membership package is you set the name, there is no fixed Free plan.

    4. Please clear the cache then check the partner buy membership package again.




    Hello, i followed your instructions and i still experience pretty much the same problems.

    I have activated the automatic approval to partner when someone makes a registration as a partner (pics, 1, 2 & 2a).
    I have created also a membership package with a price higher 0 (Pic 3).
    When a try to get register to that package with the price of 1 euro (Pic 3, 3a) nothing happens.
    Also when i try to log out again nothing happens (Pic 4).
    Finally i noticed that in the parter package registration there is a mixture of the new and old tours template (Pics 5a, 5b, 5c). I think you should fix that and keep only the new template.

    In general i hope you consider to release an update for fixing the problems with the partners registration.

    For the tours template the partners registration for me is the main reason i bought this template.

    Please do fix that.

    Thank you again.

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    My image will show you the way to set up new membership package:


    Also please not: Use NEW template for all membership page function.


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