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    Bulk Edit is extremely needed for Flights as well as hotel-rooms and tours.
    When we want to edit flight availability of a day of each month, Bulk Edit is extremely needed. Bulk edit is available in tours and rooms, bottom of the page in settings/availability.

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    Hey Bryan – where is the data for the availability calendar stored? Maybe there’s a way to do the bulk edit with another plugin (through a CSV import) if we knew where the data was stored?



    We will check and update it in new theme version.

    Thank you.


    Hey Bryan –

    So I figured out how to access the data and import/export directly to the availability calendar. However, I don’t understand how wordpress stores the check_in/check_out dates in the database.

    Take a look at the screenshot I’m posting. How do I convert that to an ordinary date/time?

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    Actually I figured it out. It’s the date in seconds after some point in the past. I can just ad 86400 (the number of seconds in a day to get the date I want).

    Easygoiran – you can use the plugin ARI Adminer to push the data into the MYSQL database yourself if you’re motivated.

    All the data is stored here: MySQL » Server » 1038673 » Select: wp_131345603_st_availability


    Hey Tothelift, Thanks for your brilliant info, I’m trying to get it work.
    bytheway we tried to get the bulk edit button on tours as well as others, with calling the same function, and it failed :).
    Anyways, Hope they’ll get it on the theme real fast, because it’s kinda urgent for us.


    #11283, Bryan could you please provide code changes or more info so we can get it done faster than you update the theme? our data entry process is a long way journey without that button.


    Hey EasygoIran,

    So I think I figured it out.

    1) Fill out the availability calendar for a few Tours, Activities, Flights, etc.
    2) In ARI Adminer, export key “wp_131345603_st_availability” your data so that you can see the data structure.

    Your output should look something like this.

    — Adminer 4.3.1 MySQL dump

    SET NAMES utf8;
    SET time_zone = ‘+00:00’;
    SET foreign_key_checks = 0;
    SET sql_mode = ‘NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO’;

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_131345603_st_availability;
    CREATE TABLE wp_131345603_st_availability (
    id bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    post_id int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    post_type varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    check_in varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    check_out varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    starttime varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    number varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    price varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    adult_price varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    child_price varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    infant_price varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    status varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    groupday int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    priority int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (id)

    INSERT INTO wp_131345603_st_availability (id, post_id, post_type, check_in, check_out, starttime, number, price, adult_price, child_price, infant_price, status, groupday, priority) VALUES
    (1, 6715, ‘st_tours’, ‘1506643200’, ‘1506643200’, ”, ”, ”, ’80’, ‘6’, ‘3’, ‘available’, 0, 0),
    (2, 6715, ‘st_tours’, ‘1506729600’, ‘1506729600’, ”, ”, ”, ’80’, ‘6’, ‘3’, ‘available’, 0, 0),
    (3, 6715, ‘st_tours’, ‘1506816000’, ‘1506816000’, ”, ”, ”, ’80’, ‘6’, ‘3’, ‘available’, 0, 0)
    and so forth

    The bottom 3 rows in my example are specific additions the availability calendar.

    Just replace each of the variables for those rows with what you need in each row (and copy more rows as you need them). The id is just the post number and for the checkin/out add or subtract 86400 per day (86400 seconds in a day).

    4) Once you have all your info, copy and paste the adjusted command (i.e. the adjusted output) into All Adminer’s SQL command function and click execute. And it should work! (Just note that when you do this, it replaces all the data in the availability calendar, so don’t freak out. As far as I know, you can’t just add/subtract one row of data, but I had never touched an SQL database before today so maybe Bryan can give us advice on that 🙂

    But anyways, it works! If you don’t already know, you can automate the typical pages with WP AllImportPro plugin’s custom data field and the AllExport plugin. (you need to pay for AllImportPro). (I’ll have thousands of tours on my site so I have to automate it.)

    Good luck with your site!


    Tothelift, Thank your for all those information.

    Can we talk in private? I have some questions about hosting service and server specs you are using. we’re trying to get lower fullpageload times for our website, we faced many issues that we may need to talk to someone else using the same theme for better a comparison.


    I am just using WordPress business hosting for the time being before I go live but I was likely going to switch to A2 hosting. I’m told they’re well known for their speed ratings on WordPress sites. That said, I’m no expert on choosing a server, so I’m not sure how much I can add. That said, I’m happy to chat if you’d like. I’ll send you my email in a private reply. Let me know if you can / can’t see it.

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