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    Can anybody help me with a minimized version CSV template for Bulk uploads of Locations, Hotels, Hotel Rooms, Rentals and Activities please.

    I think the standard template provided by WP ALL IMPORT gives you so many fields and i am not sure what to fill in . So if any can provide a template with only the most important required Fields it would be great.

    Please help.




    You can import demo data in temp domain and export the data to csv file by your self.



    Yes then you have a lot of issues and also plenty of fields do come as columns.

    If you can just help with a template with minimum number of required fields for basic composition .




    Please contact if you have any question about theme question so we can help.



    is bulk upload not a question for the theme…since with other themes i am able to using WP ALL IMPORT as suggested by your help section.

    Only with your theme i am having problems.


    You can not tell us that other theme work and our theme must work too.

    Thank for your understanding.


    I am not telling that .

    as suggested by you in many posts and as well as in your documentation using WP ALL IMPORT
    but it is not working…

    so their should be a alternative or else let us know how to do it.



    you must be sure the data structure are match with our theme data structure before import it to the theme.



    this is what i asked ,

    to share the data structure so that we know which tables are effected ..

    or which tables have to be updated with bulk uploads.


    There are have too many table that connection with other.

    You should not upload directly to database.

    Aslo you can try to export data table in DB for more details of the field needed.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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