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    Dear ST,

    I would really love it for this theme to display first available month/day first.
    Currently, when the calendar is opened it will start with the current day and than, regardless of availability customer needs to browse through months until getting to first available date.
    Also, when selecting a “Show calendar as date picker”, when date is selected, calendar should disappear and not stay there.

    So yeah, these two things.
    Display only Available months in Calendar and Remove date picker in Tours, when date is selected.

    Kind regards,



    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Currently, Our theme have supported Available months function with the big calendar so we will update this function with “Show calendar as date picker” option in the next version.

    Thank you.



    Is the function available now? How can the first available date be shown as default? This is very crucial as many conversions might be lost if we make the client browse the calendar.



    Is there an option for a dropdown with available dates. Example in the attached file:

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    There is no function in theme like your image.



    How much is the price for such function, custom made by you?



    According to envato’s policy, we do not accept custom code anymore.

    You should find a developer to help you customize the function and control it.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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