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    Hi Bryan,

    We have changed the availability for the hotel, but have encountered problems still.

    1) The selector on the home page still doesn’t show these hotels for those dates, despite now having added 13 July as the checkout day. I have filled in the destination and date correctly.

    2)When we go to the accommodation page (so the page with all the hotels) the hotel also doesn’t show up with the preferred date. Location was selected as well.

    3)Now we have added 13 July as the checkout day, the hotel also shows up when you search 13-14 July. Then when you try to book 13-14 July you get an error. Why does it now show up for 13-14 July when the checkin is 12 and the checkout 13 July?

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    @thoai please help him check this bug.



    Now your site is being used version old theme.
    Pls update version new theme, And check again


    We have done an update before, in April, and it turned out disastrous: our website was down for well over two weeks and we got very little help and/or explanation on how to fix this. We managed after almost a month, but this has left us very cautious of updating again. We are working with a developer that is creating a parent/child theme construction for us, but this is not that easy to make for this theme, we are being told.

    Once the construction is made and it functions we will try to update.


    This topic will help you fix the technical issue when update theme.



Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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