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    I purchased the traveler theme a few days ago and I can’t upload it and get it to work properly.

    I uploaded directly to WP and it kept uploading in a loop and wouldn’t upload.
    I tried uploading via FTP but it keeps crashing my site or it will say stylesheet missing sometimes and not upload properly.

    Sometimes uploading via FTP it will get into a loop and upload multiple times. This is the only theme I’m having this kind of issue with.

    Need urgent help!


    I’m a user just like you… do me a favor create me a user and I try to upload your template… or wait until tomorrow the administrators of the template respond


    Hello Nena3001,

    Please make sure that you had match all of our requirement before install and upload the Theme:

    Requirements For Traveler



    I followed all the requirements and did the troubleshooting and am still unable to upload the theme.

    Disappointed by the administrators response. I provided the login details. So at the least try to help me download it instead of sending generic message.

    When I purchase I thought this was a very strong theme but now I’m beginning to be concerned.

    @fafonet if you can help me I don’t mind.
    I see your whatsapp from a previous message. I can send you the details there.

    However I’m still looking for my robust support from developers as I am using this for my business.




    Finally able to get it to work after a few days.
    Hoping here is more support from developers in the future.


    That is great 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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