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    hello shinetheam.
    lot of serious and requirements,bugs and issues presents in car service .we are talking about theme from many months in my different topics.i m listing them-

    1.layout-there is only one layout for car which also not look good
    2.car attribute icon missing in single cae
    3.similior cars-this was included in old layout
    4.direct booking from search booking-skeep view car
    5.chekout time
    6. differnt car pricing for day time and night time


    1.splitting bookinng form -(chek screenshots )
    2.property near by not showing in maps or anywhere in single car

    1.google map for multi location
    2.discount info-there is no discount information in search page and car single page.
    3.car transfer booking
    4.car transfer booking calender

    can you please tell in which update you will fix them or will you fix theme ever or not?
    knowing this is very important to us as we are just watingin from last 6months.

    also feel free to ask about if you need more information about any item of my list .

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    We checked your ticket, But We do not understand a few your issue.

    With “1.layout-there is only one layout for the car which also not look good”: We have not plan update layout other for single-car page.
    With “car attribute icon missing in single cae” : In Modern layout, Our theme is only supported icon font awesome.

    “1.splitting booking form -(chek screenshots )”: It is our design website.
    “2.property nearby not showing in maps or anywhere in single-car ” : Please check your key Google API. You need to purchase money.

    All your issues, Please description clearly. We can not understand.



    1.most imp issue is car pricing -car price is same for day and night hours.
    there should be fixed chekin and chekout time for car price by day.
    2.booking for single date/some hour is not possible for car price by day,theme book car for minimum 24 hours..it create confusion in applying extra night charges..
    3.direct booking from search result page== still waiting for 1year
    4..car location is same for multi location car,how to remove google map/car location from single car page.
    5.discount information=there is no discount information in search page and car single page.check screenshot
    6.car transfer booking page error(i have also reported it in another topic)
    7.car transfer pricing is same for 1day and for many days
    8.”booking before arrival” missing=this is imp for arranging and preparing car for rental.
    9.”discount by no of days/hour” missing in new layout
    10.”Similar car” missing from single car page(any other option in our site) removed for single car page.(it was necessary widget for giving more option in our site. )

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    1. Our theme not support price for day and night hours.
    2. Our theme not support this function, If you want to that like, You need custom theme.
    3. I dont understand. We booking good.
    4. Please description clearly by video.
    5. When you used to book with Woocommerce, You can not use the discount. Because Function discount only supports for submitting form checkout.

    6. Please description clearly by video.
    7. When you select date from and to, It is calculator by number day.
    8. We can not understand.
    9. Our theme is not supported.
    10. Please description by video and image: Tick all point of your issue

    We do not understand your issue from your question.



    1 & 2..car pricing & booking for single date=yes i know theme dont support this,nd that is why i m creating this ticket. for car drivers the night allowance is required to drive and rent for 24hours .i m facing this issue ,please update it or help me how to resolve it.

    3.direct booking of car from search result page= like ola & uber it is not necessary to open car single page from search page.there shold b “book now” button in search page so user can book car instantly without going to single car page.

    4..car location in single car page=please check screenshot #1

    5.discount information==i think u didnt understood the que..please check screenshot#2 which is old layout of car..in new layout origional price and discount % is not show,only price after discount is shown.

    6.please try to book any car transfer.following is traveler demo site url and u can also check car transfer booking error on this url.book now botton function is not working for car transfer .
    please try= https://mixmap.travelerwp.com/search-car-transfer/?transfer_from=275&transfer_to=7965&pick-up-date=02%2F10%2F2019&pick-up-time=12%3A00+AM&drop-off-date=06%2F10%2F2019&drop-off-time=12%3A00+AM&date=02%2F10%2F2019+12%3A00+am-06%2F10%2F2019+12%3A00+am&price_range=50%3B980&taxonomy%5Bst_category_cars%5D=

    7.car transfer rate is same for one day and for many days.please check again.

    8.minimum days to book = this is removed for new layout,theme allowed only instant booking .,time is needed for arrangin and preparing car for rental before arraving customer so it is neccesory to book car before arrival..please check sreenshot #3

    9.discount by no of days/hour” remved for new layout=new layout dont support this,it must be include in theme again

    10.how to edit advance search in search form ?please check screenshot #4
    i need to add “round-trip” attribute in advance search option of car search form and make it required so the user can can book car according to thier needs, one-way or round-trip ..

    thank you

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    1.2 Our theme not support this function.
    3. This is design and our construct theme. We researched UX / UI for car rental solution/
    4. You can hide it in Theme Settings > Style Options > Custom CSS
    .single-st_cars .st-map-wrapper{
    5.You cannot compare design classic layout and modern layout, because both layouts are completely different. If you want to display percentage discount. You need a custom theme.
    6. Sorry, This bug is from key API. We checked again. However, this function is being working.
    7. In don’t understand “car transfer rate”
    8. It is only support in classic layout
    9. The installation interface in classic layout and modern layout are the same.
    10, You can check our guide in here.

    Create New Attribute


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    6. You can register key Google API

    Google API

    You need to register Geocodeing, Place,Javascript,Roads, Direction.
    7. No, Pickup time and Return time are note in order booking, IT is not in caculator.
    Price is caculator from round point A to point B.
    8.Distances are based on the distance of google map.We will consider. Because right now, we have a lot of plans to update other functions and layouts.
    9. You need to distinguish Car service and Cartransfer service. This function is only for Car service

    10. You can create an attribute Roundtrip in here

    Create New Attribute



    6.ohk i’ll do it..thanks
    7.then can u diable return time for car transfer ?pls giv me custom code if possible to disable or hide return time
    9.yes i know “minimum days to book” is only for car service but this is removed in new layout..is it include in ur future uodate planing?
    10.bro i m not asking that,i have already created round trip attribute..my question is “how to include this newly created attribute in advance search of car search form and car booking form ?”


    10.bro i m not asking that,i have already created round trip attribute..my question is “how to include this newly created attribute in advance search of car search form and car booking form ?”

    Hi there, sorry for hijacking the post, but i am interested to know this as well, admin can u please answer?


    Hello @cheyingtan,

    Please create a new topic with detail request (description, admin account, photo attachment) and post your own ticket into here.

    Then, our Dev can have closer look and check on this for you.



    Hello @cheyingtan,

    you will have to use “car type” attribute for this,which is already created with theme and its default attribute for “car search advance” field ..


    Hello “Satish-neel,

    Thank you for your kinds and attention.

    Please be patient and wait for our response in your other ticket.


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