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    The car overview vindow it’s not on the partner’s car editing dashdoard. It’s only on the admin’s dahboard.

    If the partner updatate the car, the overview disapears from the car’s page and also from the admin’s dashboard.

    Please make the “Overview” available on the partner’s dashboard. This is important!


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    Hello Francesco,
    I have checked again and this is bug of theme.
    We will update this function in next version.
    You can use “excerpt” option to make the “Overview” for Car on admin’s dashboard. This is “Description” option on the partner’s car editing dashboard.
    Next, You go to edit layout of this car and edit Data Type of “ST Post Data” element to “Excerpt” and save all change.
    You can refer my attachments to more details.
    Sorry for inconveniences.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hello Huannv,

    I made the changes, and now it works fine.

    When are you going to release the new version?

    Thank you for your help!


    Hello Francesco,
    We are trying to integrate some API in our theme so It may take a long time for us to release a new version
    Thank you for your understand.


    Hello Huannv,
    I’m glad to hear that you are working on improvements.
    Unfortunately, if you don’t fix as soon as possible the main issues that stop us to create a car rental platform, we must look for another theme.
    Thank you



    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help you check it.



    Hello Bryan,

    I’m afraid that you are not able to help me.
    I keep asking to have the bugs that make this theme useless for a car rental platform fixed. Your company is not interested to do it very soon. I must ask for a refund!




    Our dev team is working on to fix the bugs. We will release new theme version soon.

    Please wait for it.

    Thank you.



    And what are you going to fix if you don’t fix the most important bugs?

    This is what you are saying on Envato Market:

    “Hello SmilingSun,

    shinetheme, the author of Traveler – Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme, has replied to your review:

    Hello SmilingSun,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    After check many of your ticket we see your problem eg: You want when select 1 city location and at dropoff location is same that city not allow for select other. That is INCORRECT and we will not update it. How if client want to move to other city?

    You can do it just for your site by custom code we can not help and we never update this to our theme.

    I also asking our supporter many other issue like how you can move your car back to your location. How we can help you to move that car back? You make business you must take care that don’t asking us.

    We always open for clients give feedback for our theme for update for more better but with what option make benefit for many clients we will priority for update first.

    Now you going here and tell us you can not mak Live your site because you WANT more CUSTOM for that.

    You can hire someone to do customize job for you can live your site. We only update right points not update wrong points. As some problem above don’t try to waiting update from us for make your site live.

    Thank you so much!”

    You are kidding us!

    Be serious and refund the theme!




    We only provide technical support in the support system and we does not control the refund.

    You should contact Envato for this case.

    Also your can refer Envato Refund policy for more information:



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