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    i am confused to create cartransfer by the way theme is providing..
    1.return option is still not working..

    i have 60locations and 6cars.i m planning to ser cartrnsfer by distance(distance/km),and this pricing is same for all the locations..

    now for this i’ll have to create 1830 journey-package for one car =10,980 cartrnsfer journey_package for 6cars..

    nd if there is any rate variation happens in future,i’ll have to recreate these 10,980 cartrnsfer pricing again

    this is not possible,please help me to set car pricing by distance for this..
    thank you


    please clear your stand for these two issues,theme is not stable for using car and car trnsfer,i m afraid of future changes..please clearify your future updates plan for car and cartrnsfer



    please clear above questions.i m waiting from two days for your reply..i have to create cartrnsfer package,please reply



    We are sorry for late response.

    1. The modern theme is not provide Return option for Car Transfer yet. We will update it later.

    2. The Journey for the car is customized option so i’m afraid that you have to manual create it.



    k thanx for reply

    when will you update the car return option ??


    when will you update the cartransfer return option ??
    please update it or give the update information so that we start creating our services according it,we are already too late so please clear your future updates plan for modern cartranfer service



    Unfortunately, we do not provide this feature yet. Please let us know if any further.



    why are you always treate like robot,no feelings no sense??
    i know u r not providing this feater yet,but i want to kno when will you provide this featur and how will this work in traveler theme..i want to know because i have to create 10,980 cartrnsfer packages and if you updated the theme again then all my work will b venished..so please give sensfull reply..thnk you



    In nearly future we do not have plan to update this. Sorry for cannot tell you about estimate time.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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