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    Can you please add child theme support , I want to change some functions in order to disable some fields in rental or to do some other modifications. I have tried creating child theme but it is breaking.



    The theme package that you downloaded from themeforest is included child theme.

    Please check it again.



    Hi Bryan,

    Seems some functions are not always workable with child theme, such as copy “traveler/inc/st-hook-functions.php” or other files in “inc” folder to child theme and edit the file, but there is no change. To make it work, you have to edit the original file in the original path folder.



    The inc folder is the main theme funtion so you can not use it n child theme. Please edit the file outside that folder for theme layout.



    Same question here.
    What if I really need to change something there? For example, I’m changing a review form in inc/layouts/modern/xxx/xxx_review_form.php



    You can edit directly on the file and backup the file for new update.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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