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    Hello i would like ask how use modun files in child theme, i want change some of them and use some extra fields.

    thanks in advance!



    Child theme help customize code. You can refer some of this page for more details:

    How To Create And Customize A WordPress Child Theme

    Tutorial Child Themes – What They Are, How to Use Them, and Why



    Friend i didnt ask you how the child theme can be created, this already know the problems are the modun files how can use them in child theme?



    Just install child theme and create file in child theme folder then custom your code in it.



    I have create child theme and add folders language > english > modun and add the files in there but not changed and if i change in parent theme it changes



    Language file only work work with parent theme.

    ALso you do not have create child theme. We has created it. You can find it in Traveler Package that your download from themeforest.

    Just upload -> install and use it.



    Yes friend that child theme use, also i want edit class files via child theme, not either works, class files like class.user.php



    We does not control the customize code of customer. You need check your code again.




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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