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    Hi Bryan,

    On my site, under for the Tour Search, I want to have the following fields:

    1) Pickup Location
    2) Dropoff Location
    3) Trip Date

    What I’m struggling with is how to have the fields in the dropoff location dropdown/autocomplete be dependent on what’s entered in the pickup location field. For instance, if someone were to enter New York City into the Pickup location, I only want the search bar to suggest locations that are valid dropoffs associated with that pickup location.

    Is there an easy way to do this with the theme?

    Thanks so much!



    Tour service does not have Pick Up and Drop Off option for search field. It available for only Car type.

    Please check again.



    Hmmm…it sounds like I wasn’t clear as to what I was trying to do. So in my search box, I want to have 3 fields”

    1) Pickup Location (This is the Location field under tours)
    2) Dropoff Location (this would be a Taxonomy)
    3) Trip Date (The is Arrival Date field under Tours)

    I’d have it be set up so that the user chooses the Pickup location first. I would then want the Dropoff Location Taxonomy to be limited based on what is chosen for the Pickup location.

    So, for instance, if someone had a pickup location in Hanoi, the dropoff locations in New York would be excluded from this list because there would be no bus routes available between the two locations.

    Is there anyway to limit what shows up in the Taxonomy based on what the user chooses for location?

    Thanks again



    It seem you are taking about Car service. As i said in my previous message, Tour does not provide Pick Up and Drop Off option for search form.

    Please check again.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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