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    Hi Dear,

    We would need to have the partner/admin to confirm the tour for the customer before the tour is finally confirmed to ensure the slot is still available. Is there a way to achieve it?



    Only admin can approve the booking so after that, the calendar will update.


    IS the theme currently having the feature for step 2?

    Step 1: User completed booking with payment
    Step 2: Admin/Partner confirm the booking
    Step 3: User booking is confirmed and ready for departure



    As my replied, only admin can approve the booking. Partner can not do it.



    ok got it. thanks


    I noticed that the confirmation is only when user select payment using form, so admin can confirm the booking.

    However, is user pay with payment gateway, order will be completed. and admin for this case will not have option to confirm the order. Am I right?


    Yes if user select only payment gateway and complete it, there is no approve step.



    Got it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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