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    Hello, one question.
    I have Contact form 7 plugin and datepicker plugin for it.
    Problem is that dates are not being translated to croatian language, they are always on english.
    Example: http://www.wptest.spektar-putovanja.com.hr/hrvatska-biograd-hotel-ilirija/
    (go down to the form)
    Wordpress default language is Croatian and as I can see everything is ok with the plugin, I can see (page source) that .js file for jQuery datepicker is being loaded for croatian(hr).
    I googled entire day and did not find solution.
    Can you tell me is it something with the template scripts that is somehow preventing this to work?
    Thanks in advance.



    Unluckily, Traveler theme has not tested with Datepicker plugin. If you use our default theme function, you can refer our document bellow to change language for calendar:

    Language for Calendar

    Thank you.


    Ok, thanks. But can there be any conflict with your (I think bootstrap datepicker?) datepicker and plugins datepicker (jQuery datepicker) when comes to loading language.
    Because inside plugins admin croatian language is shown on popup calendar but on page not( http://www.wptest.spektar-putovanja.com.hr/hrvatska-biograd-hotel-ilirija/).
    Can you help me find the solution. Maybe disable your popup calendar?
    Thanks in advance.



    The popup calendar using for so many place in theme like booking form, search form for pickup time, drop off time, check in, check out, calendar available, etc…

    You can not disable all the system because of one plugin, right?

    I think the best way is you should contact plugin author for more details so they can help you check better.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Ok thanks. Everything is ok now. I deactivated datepicker plugin. I just found out that new updated contact form 7 has it’s own date field.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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