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    Hi guys, I have added activities beside to tours, and now I must hide some parts of the book forms since I use an external booking manager.

    I remembered that the BOok NOw button have a section in the panel to configure backround and the words, but I forgot where and also I need it to make it bigger. can you help?

    I have attached a pic

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    If you use external booking, the best way to use is duplicate the layout for special activity single then apply css code for only that layout.

    I have duplicated your current layout and you can use this code to remove 2 that lines and make the booking button larger.

    #acti_external .activity_booking_form#form-booking-inpage .book_form >.row {display: none !important;}
    #acti_external .activity_booking_form#form-booking-inpage .book_form > a.btn.btn-primary {
        padding: 15px 36px;
        display: block;
        border-color: #3eb08d;
        background: #3eb08d;



    Bryan , unfortunately with that code , the search form on the home page disappears completely

    If I took out the code the search forn returns but with the dafault values and I have lost all customization, I do not know why

    I will recover my last backup from yesterday and let this question open


    Bryan, When I took out the code with you changes and saved the configuration, the settings was saved partially and partially go reset to the start!!!

    Logo was keep
    Css was keep
    But other settings were reset to the default and I must configure again.

    Please check that bug, at first I tought I have pressed the button to reset to defaul the Traveller settings, but then I saw the css code and the logo still there, so some settings have remained.

    1 .Now I have took out the code , recheck the all panel, since some data have been loaded into pages and do not want to loose it restoring a back up

    2. It will be very important to add a backup options only to Traveller settings panel, most themes have that option allowing to save a character string with your settings for those cases and will be a time saver.

    3. I will try to revert to my changes and leave this open since I still need the css code to hide buttons in activities


    Its there a file where worpress save the Traveller Control panel settings in that way I can recover it




    I have reconfigured the Settings all is fine, now I can see the big button you created so you can mark this as solved, but please help me out with creating the same big button on Excursions, I will make other thread for that.

    And please pass out my suggestion to add a backup to Traveler theme settings panel.



    Hi Bryan I have fixed all but one big problem

    I had my tours and need my combos search result page ordered by ID, the first one loaded showing first

    I had it yesterday but after the problem today I fixed all and I can not get the result in id like yesterday.

    Is there a code to add in php to show the result page by id , asc or desc ?

    I attached a pic

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    Just edit List of Tour element then you can see that setting for order by.



    Hi , please can you give me a link?




    You just ask without a link so please edit your page > select list tour element and edit it > you will see all the option for list tour.

    My image will show you more details.


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